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Find Storage For Household Goods

Safe storage | Quick re-delivery
Doorstep service

24*7 monitoring

Dedicated security guards. CCTV camera on entry/ exit points. And controlled access to storage area.

Protection from fire

State-of-the-art fire prevention systems and practices to ensure the goods remain protected from fire.

No pests & rodents

Pest control services every 15 days to ensure storage facilities remain free from pests and rodents.

Storage For All Your Needs


Moving to another city? Put the contents of your current home into storage while you plan your new life. We will deliver it whenever you come back.

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Re-building your home into builder flats? Renovating for an upcoming wedding? Move non-essential furniture into storage to make life comfortable.

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Home Extension

Lack of space at home? Not enough cupboards in your flat? Store your less-used things, like woollens & photo albums, and make your home clutter-free.

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The StoreMore Advantage

No security deposit

No need to block your money in a security deposit. Put it in a fixed deposit with your bank instead!

No minimum duration

Come and go as you please. There will always be space for your goods in one of our facilities.

Adjustable space

Start with the space you need. Increase—or decrease it—with the click of a button. It’s that simple!

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