Using StoreMore simply makes sense. Our homes are getting smaller, even as our possessions are growing at a faster rate than ever before. Our parents never owned the amount of stuff that we do today! With StoreMore, you have the option of removing clutter from your homes, without having to let you of things that you care about, and want to keep. Our service is efficient and cost-effective. Try us now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where will my items be actually stored?

Your goods will be stored at any of the facilities in our network chosen by you, or as per the offer chosen by you. However, no matter which facility you use, your goods will remain protected. We have dedicated security guards on premises, CCTV camera monitoring, controlled access and pest control every 15 days to ensure safety of goods at our facilities. Please refer to specific facility-related information on our website for further details related to infrastructure.

How do I get my boxes back?

It's very easy to retrieve your goods. All you have to do is log into your account on and place a request online. You will be asked to specify the number of items and identify the items for smoother execution of your request. You can choose any re-delivery address in the same city: home, office, or your mother’s home. You can choose a date from the available options on the online calendar. We will drop the goods back to you on that date. However, there might be delays due to route planning. In that case, you have the option to organise a pickup of your goods from the storage facility.

How can I remember what I have stored with StoreMore?

That’s easy. We provide an Inventory Form to you (available in electronic format), which can be used to make a detailed inventory of goods being sent into storage. That list will be available on your online account on StoreMore. Whenever you want to check what’s in storage, you can log in and search that list as per your requirement. Please note that we do NOT accept any items into storage without a signed inventory list.

How much will it cost to get my items back?

If you come to our facility and pick up your goods, it will cost you nothing at all. For deliveries to your doorstep, StoreMore has a simple fee for returns:

Box Delivery in Delhi NCR

  • Rs 100 per box (for up to 10 standard 1.65 CFT boxes in a shared vehicle).
  • Rs 1,500 per trip (for up to 30 standard 1.65 CFT boxes in a Maruti Eeco).
  • Rs 500 per item (for items <3 feet in a shared vehicle).
  • Rs 1,500 per trip (for full-load of Maruti Eeco).

Please note that for household furniture and appliances, the charges depend on the size of vehicle used and the number of state borders crossed by the vehicle. These can vary from Rs 3,000 per trip to Rs 6,000 per trip. Further, a Green Tax of Rs 1,400 per trip is levied by the Government of India on all commercial vehicles entering Delhi.

Is my material insured against damage or loss?

We are very, very careful with your goods. We take care of them the same way you would care for them in your home, even more so.

The most common dangers to goods are from fire, water, theft and pests/ rodents. For each of these, elaborate preventive measures have been taken:

  • A visit every 15 days by pest-and-rodent control personnel
  • CCTV cameras on entry/exit points to monitor movement of goods
  • Dedicated security guards for the storage facility
  • Fire prevention mechanisms
  • Barcode on every item/ box to ensure easy tracking and identification
    The highest chances of damages are during transit and handling. Our teams are trained to handle things carefully, but despite all precautions, if we do still damage an item/ lose a. box, we will try our best to be fair in our settlement. You can fill up our Claim for Damage to Goods form and provide the necessary supporting documents for evaluation of your claim.
    However, please note that our liability is limited to:
    • Rs 100 per box for documents
    • Rs 100 per box for used household items inside a box, such as clothes, books, etc.
    • In case of other household items which are not inside a box, the value of item declared at the time of check-in, or the rental paid for that item till the date of damage, whichever is lower. In case only the value of consignment is provided at the time of check-in, then our liability will be limited to the proportionate rental paid for that particular item during the tenure of storage

    We can also organise additional insurance from a reputed company, such as National Insurance Company, for your goods for additional charges. However, please note that StoreMore takes no liability for replacement of goods in case of damages.

What are the box dimensions under box storage plans?

  • Books Plan
    Box Dimension: 17 inches (L) * 14 inches (W) * 12 inches (H)
    Volume - 1.65 cubic feet
    For items <1 feet in length or width, but weigh a lot when put together, such as books, photo albums, CDs, etc. Each box can fit about 35-40 normal-sized fiction books. So you can fit an entire bookcase in about five such boxes.
  • Clothes Plan
    Box Dimension: 18 inches (L) * 16 inches (W) * 18 inches (H)
    Volume: 3.0 cubic feet
    For items that are slightly bulky, such as sweaters, jackets and duvets. Each box can fit about 25-30 thick sweaters; 10-15 jackets and 8-10 duvets. You can fit the contents of an entire linen cupboard in about 5 such boxes.
  • Linen Plan
    Box Dimension: 24 inches (L) * 18 inches (W) * 24 inches (H)
    Volume: 6.0 cubic feet
    For items <2 feet but larger in volume, such as folded quilts and blankets; a bedside lamp with shade, etc. You can fit about 3-5 air-filled single quilts; or about 3 double-bed mink blankets in each box.

Is there a weight limit to a box sent into storage?

We typically advise client to keep the weight of a packed box around 15-18 kgs. This prevents damage to the box in the long run.

How does billing work?

You will be billed monthly in advance, just like house rent. You can log into your account, view your invoices and make payments using credit/ debit cards, Net Banking, or any other medium offered by our payment gateway PayU/ PayTM. You also have the option of opting to leave Standing Instructions on your Savings Bank account. Clients opting for auto-debit facility are entitled to a discount of 10% on their storage charges. Clients also have the option of availing a cash discount by paying in advance for 6 months or 12 months through their StoreMore account.

Should I use a plastic lining inside the box before I place my contents?

You can ask for packing paper with your boxes in case you are concerned about dust. However, if you really want to use a plastic lining, please go ahead. It’s important that you rest assured about your stuff.

Can I tape my boxes?

StoreMore does not accept taped boxes or locked trunks/ suitcases. This is done to ensure that items from the illegal list do not find their way into storage. You can, however, tape up your box once the StoreMore team has inspected the contents and verified them against the inventory list provided by you.

What if I still have questions?

Send us an email at . Or call us anytime at 99113 88555. We would love to help you reduce the clutter in your home!