What's Box Storage?

Living in Delhi as we do, we can all do with more space to store our household goods. We might be living in a flat that only offers a few cupboards to store our linen and woolens. Or, we might be living with a joint family and only have a room to ourselves. Sometimes, we just might like to use the space to put a recliner instead of building yet another cupboard in a room.

Whatever be the reason for your space constraint, there's no better solution than StoreMore's boxes to extend the space for your family. Think of it as renting shelves to store your goods and keeping them away from your home-but in a place equally safe and secure for your belongings.

Types of Boxes

StoreMore provides corrugated boxes in different sizes that can be used to store up to 18 kgs of goods. You can use them to pack clothes, shoes, decorations, books, albums, mementos, sweaters, jackets, shawls, toys, blankets, quilts, utensils, and so on. Once packed, they can be sent away to StoreMore for safe keeping.

These boxes come in three sizes:

Small (1.65 CFT)

For items such as books and albums

Medium (3 CFT)

For items such as heavy winter jackets and duvets

Large (6 CFT)

For bigger items such as blankets and quilts

Box Storage Size Guide

  • Small Box: 17 inches (L) * 14 inches (W) * 12 inches (H)
    Volume - 1.65 cubic feet
    The small boxes only work for items that are less than 1 feet in length or width, but weigh a lot when put together. Imagine the shelf of a typical bookcase about 3 feet in width. It will have about 35-40 normal-sized fiction books. These can fit in one such box. And you can fit an entire bookcase in about five such boxes; or an entire cupboard full of clothes in 10 such boxes.

  • Medium Box: 18 inches (L) * 16 inches (W) * 18 inches (H)
    Volume: 3.0 cubic feet
    The medium boxes work very well for slightly bulky items, such as sweaters, jackets and duvets. Each box can fit about 25-30 thick sweaters; 10-15 jackets and 8-10 duvets. You can fit the contents of an entire linen cupboard in about 5 such boxes.

  • Large Box: 24 inches (L) * 18 inches (W) * 24 inches (H)
    Volume: 6.0 cubic feet
    These boxes are made to international specifications and can be used to store large-volume items, such as quilts and blankets; a bedside lamp with shade, etc. You can fit about 3-5 air-filled single quilts; or about 3 double-bed mink blankets in each box.

How much space to book?

25 sq ft

Can be used to store around 50 small boxes / 30 medium boxes / 20 large boxes in this space. It's like adding a small 5*5 storeroom to your house.

50 sq ft

Can be used to store around 100 small boxes / 60 medium boxes / 40 large boxes in this space. It's like adding a 8*6 garage to your house.

Preparing your goods for storage

It's best to line the boxes with plain packing paper before storing your clothes in them. If you let us know in advance, we will be happy to provide delivery of empty boxes(chargable*). Many of our customers want to put naphthalene balls, or dry chillies, or neem leaves-as they do when they store their clothes at home. Well, chillies and leaves are a strict no! StoreMore does not accept any edible items in storage. And put naphthalene balls only because to appease your habit.

Our storage facility does not require any of these things to keep your goods safe. Our pest control services make sure that there are no pests, or rodents, to endanger the safety of your goods.

We suggest that you make an inventory for the contents of each box and/or click a picture of a packed box. This will make it easier for you to remember which items belong to each box, and therefore, make it easy to call for them when required.

Putting your goods into storage

You can place an order for these boxes right here. These will be delivered to you within 3-5 working days. You can pack them at your convenience or request the services of our team to pack your stuff for additional charges.

Once you are done packing, log in to your account and choose a date and time for pick-up. Our van will be at your doorstep to pick up the packed boxes at that time and date. Alternately, you can drop them to our storage facility at a pre-arranged time.

Please note that we need an inventory for each packed box at the time of pick-up. We do not accept boxes without a signed inventory for each box

Once the boxes reach our facility, we will provide you with a bar code for every box. You will use that every time you need to retrieve your goods.

Getting your goods back from storage

It's as easy to get your goods back storage as it was to put them into storage in the first place. Just log into your account on the StoreMore website, go through your detailed inventory list, and click on the Redeliver button. And the goods will be at your doorstep when you asked for them.

You can even pick up the box from our facility (Access Chargable). Alternatively, we can drop the item/box to your doorstep for a charge at actual cost.

Remember, we did say that using StoreMore is very easy!

For any further details feel free to call us on our Business Storage Helpline at 91-11-39589626

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